Jessica Durr, DPT

Jessica Durr, DPT
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Corrective Exercise 80%
Strength Training 77%
Natural Movement 75%
Restorative Movement 72%
Functional Fitness Training 90%
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I began “movement” as a young kid playing soccer. In college, I tried to workout on my own but through poor knowledge of proper movement and nutrition, I started dealing with knee pain and became overweight. This journey of mine inspired me to major in kinesiology, get my doctorate in physical therapy and start self studying nutrition. I graduated in 2011 from Washington University in St. Louis.  I spent 3 years learning more about strength and conditioning at a unique gym, and for 6+ years, I rehabilitated people of all ages, but began to see a pattern. When my clients left rehab, they still needed more whole body movement training, and my friends at the gym weren’t getting the right kind of training and were getting hurt. So I wanted to try something different, and when I started learning more about functional and nutritious movement, my world was rocked- for the better! This is why I’ve teamed up with Adam and Kate to start teaching prevention, so that you can start understanding the body better and self treat or avoid injury altogether.

I’m very excited to make this transition so that I can help more people, pro-actively and long term! Get on the right side of your health and pain-free movement-Out in front of it!   Join us here at Vibrant Fitness!