Fitness over 50

How would you like to be strong, fit and active at 77?

You can be, if you begin to take functional fitness training seriously when you’re in your 50s.

Despair Not!  If your 50’s are already behind you: I have seen numerous men and women in their 60’s, and even some in their 70’s, enter into functional strength training for their first time, and, with persistence and consistency, achieve impressive and very worthwhile results.

The results we are looking for at this point are really about keeping you physically and mentally engaged in the game of life; (States that we aim to maintain with functional training)

  • Injury free, and free from joint and back pain
  • Confident and safe in your daily moving and doing
  • Stronger than you need to be by a comfortable margin
  • Maintaining memory and cognitive function
  • Feeling as young and vibrant as you can feel at whatever age you are

(States that we want to reduce, delay or eliminate through functional fitness training)

  • mobility decreases
  • loss of muscle mass
  • lack of energy
  • pains in the joints, back,
  • loss of balance, falls, and other maladies associated with aging.


It is never too late to benefit from functional fitness training.  Your 50s are you last, best chance to prepare yourself to be physically fit as you age into your 70s, 80s or beyond.

Here’s why:

  • You still have muscle mass (though it is disappearing fast). This valuable and attractive organ of your body, left unattended, is leaving your body at about half a pound per year. You can effectively stop that loss through functional fitness training. The bonus is that the work you do to maintain your muscles for old age will not only make you feel better, day in and day out, as you train, but it will also improve your odds of living disease-free;
  • You still have a good degree of coordination, balance, and neuromuscular efficiency. If you can already feel these slipping away from you,  you need to know that they are much closer and easier to retrieve now than they will be in your 60s or 70s;
  • You have the money and the time, NOW. Yes, you’re still working hard, in fact you’re probably in your best moneymaking decade of your life. But the kids are heading to college, which opens up some time.