• Zach Simonson-Bond Chief Mate, Schooner Adventuress

    These functional fitness exercises make me feel like a kid on a jungle gym

    Zach Simonson-Bond Chief Mate, Schooner Adventuress, Intermediate Blast Member

    "Learning and practicing Adam's style of "functional strength body mechanics" has been invaluable. I will definitely move with more strength, flexibility, safety, and confidence in my work on the ship as a result of this training. "

  • Sara Giswold

    My back pain went away after One Private Session!

    Sara Giswold, Private Training and Intermediate Blast Member

    Adam taught me how to correctly do three basic core exercises, and a back pain that had stymied me and other health practitioners for weeks just went away.

  • John McConnel

    I don’t have life-limiting back pain anymore!

    John McConnel, Private Training and Foundations Blast Member, 6 months

    After training with Adam and practicing his functional fitness principles for about five months now, I am moving with more strength, resilience and efficiency than I can remember.

  • Laurel Vogel

    “…my straighter posture and stronger core improve my sense of confidence”

    Laurel Vogel, Intermediate Blast, Natural Movement Training

    after working with Adam for about 9 weeks, I began to regain my strength and vitality in ways I didn't realize were still possible to me.

  • Sherryl Christie

    “I wouldn’t train nearly this effectively on my own”

    Sherryl Christie, Intermediate Blaster

    But to train this consistently and effectively takes a love for it that I don’t quite have.... Adam does. And he shares it with us.

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Small Group Training with Vibrant Fitness is the best training value anywhere. You get a great training experience that delivers real and personalized results. At a fraction of the cost of private training. Available in-person and remotely over Zoom

Personal & Partner Training

Personal & Partner Training

Schedule a phone call, a free introductory session, or private and partner training sessions with Adam Fawcett. Learn more

Live Vibrant Group Training (in-person)

Live Vibrant Group Training (in-person)

3:30PM Mondays & Wednesdays at Vibrant Fitness at the Fairgrounds. Intermediate-level, ideal for those seeking a more challenging technical workout. Learn more

Vibrant Zoom

Vibrant Zoom

Remote fitness with Adam over Zoom. Foundation/beginner-friendly, perfect for building a strong base and exploring movement patterns Learn more

Fitness Specialities

Adam offers a wide range of functional fitness solutions for all ages and body types. Available remotely and in-person

About Adam Fawcett

I want to help you deepen your awareness and control of your own amazing body-machine, and help you to inhabit it with greater effectiveness, power and grace.

adam fawcett personal trainer
(CPT-NASM) Certified Personal Trainer - National Association of Sports Medicine, (BSME, University of Wyoming) Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering

Adam is founder of Vibrant Fitness, a functional fitness training company based in Langley, WA. His excitement and love for good form and effective exercise are contagious and he is known for his enthusiasm, intensity, and humor.

His unique style of functional fitness training, draws on decades of practice in Tai Chi, Chi-Gong, and yoga.

His earlier schooling and career experience has been in Mechanical Engineering and Waldorf Education, both of which also inform his Functional Strength and Movement training work.

Adam is a CPT-NASM- certified personal trainer, National Association of Sports Medicine.

Adam has been helping people improve their lives through fitness training and group exercise for over twenty years now.

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Unique and practical insights from Adam Fawcett, the founder of Vibrant Fitness. Deepen your understanding of What functional fitness and strength training is, Why you need it, and How to perform some basic basic elements of it.