Get Fit and Lean for the Holidays

(20 is safely achievable at 2 lbs per week)

I will be very happy,
(honored, in fact)
to help you lose weight,
starting now,
if that is something you want.

But first, and foremost,
I want you to get stronger!

This is a really great time of year to get a little bit stronger.
To get back into your mind-body more.Senior dude pushup

Not super buff.

Maybe not “in fighting shape”
or swimsuit shape.

Just a little bit stronger.

(Along with an increase in metabolism and energy level.)

Stabilize your joints.
(Get rid of that niggling joint pain or back pain)

Halt the late-life loss
of bone density and muscle mass.
Or the slow drip…drip decrease of upper body strength.

Two or three smart, simple workouts per week can do these things (AND MORE!) for you.

Start now.
Let the rhythm of the season. . .
and me (-:)
support you.

Your Functional Fitness is my Business!

You gettingĀ up gracefully from the ground gets me going in the morning.

The Vibrant Fitness Blast Programs have made
high quality functional fitness training very affordable!

Can you afford not to?

. . .and the Fall Introductory 4 for $40 offer is still available!

Call for details…


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