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You want to learn how to more effectively operate the marvelous machinery of your body; to inhabit it with greater love, depth, awareness, poise, power, and grace.

And you want the immeasurable improvements in health, resiliency, and quality of life that this movement art can return to you.

*Rates (55 minute sessions): 1 on 1 $120; Couples/Pairs $180

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Adam Fawcett (CPT-NASM) Certified Personal Trainer – National Association of Sports Medicine, (BSME, University of Wyoming) Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering

I will work with you one on one, or with you and a training partner, to help to get you there effectively and enjoyably.

Adam Fawcett Personal Trainer and fitness instructor - Whidbey Island Washington
Adam Fawcett in the arms of two men in fitness training

Bodies were made to have fun and pleasure and joy in, AND to work hard under load. They need a significant amount of the second in order to maximize the first.

We aim to include both in most every workout.

Dependable Dedication

Adam Fawcett personal training a woman doing pushups together

We will work together once, twice, or three times per week, or maybe only once or twice monthly, depending on where you are in your practice.

Your practice on your own, outside of our time together will be very important to your progress and results.

This training is tremendously valuable for all ages and types. Especially if you are just getting started in strength training.

Dabbled in fitness for years but never received professional training? Adam focuses deeply on effective movement and practice.

woman doing deadlifts with a barbell

This kind of training involves not only strength and muscle gains, but also balance, mobility, awareness of individual muscles and muscle groups, energy systems, effective uses of breath, and intention and attention, and how you regard yourself.

It is about really getting to know and love your miraculous body, what it does, how it moves, and what it can do, in a whole new way.

It’s about becoming more of the best of who you are.

Adam Fawcett doing in person personal training with another man doing bent over rows

*Sliding rates available (must meet 2 conditions):

  1. There is genuine financial need. (e.g. My regular rate would strain your ability to reasonably maintain your reasonable current lifestyle)
  2. You are ready to fully show up consistently, with the sincerity, intensity, and heart that it takes to learn, practice, and take full life-changing ownership of this empowering movement art. I promise to show up the same way for you.