Certified Trainers

Vibrant Fitness Trainers are the most experienced and educated Functional Strength Training Specialists in the area. We see how you move, and use scientific assessment and corrective methodology to help you move better and stronger, for life! Our clients are consistently pleased with the improvements made in their bodies, their movement, and their lives!

  • Testimonial

    These functional fitness exercises make me feel like a kid on a jungle gym

    Zach Simonson-Bond Chief Mate, Schooner Adventuress, Intermediate Blast Member

    "Learning and practicing Adam's style of "functional strength body mechanics" has been invaluable. I will definitely move with more strength, flexibility, safety, and confidence in my work on the ship as a result of this training. "

  • Testimonial

    My back pain went away after One Private Session!

    Sara Giswold, Private Training and Intermediate Blast Member

    Adam taught me how to correctly do three basic core exercises, and a back pain that had stymied me and other health practitioners for weeks just went away.

  • Testimonial

    I don’t have life-limiting back pain anymore!

    John McConnel, Private Training and Foundations Blast Member, 6 months

    After training with Adam and practicing his functional fitness principles for about five months now, I am moving with more strength, resilience and efficiency than I can remember.

  • Testimonial

    “…my straighter posture and stronger core improve my sense of confidence”

    Laurel Vogel, Intermediate Blast, Natural Movement Training

    after working with Adam for about 9 weeks, I began to regain my strength and vitality in ways I didn't realize were still possible to me.

  • Testimonial

    “I wouldn’t train nearly this effectively on my own”

    Sherryl Christie, Intermediate Blaster

    But to train this consistently and effectively takes a love for it that I don’t quite have.... Adam does. And he shares it with us.

Our Team

Our trainers bring experience that is both broad and deep. We integrate the most current western exercise science with ancient eastern movement and mindfulness disciplines. We see how you move in your body, and help you do do it better: with more strength, grace, and confidence.