Three Surprising things that happen when you first start Strength Training

A group photo showing 9 total people doing functional fitness exercises, including Adam Fawcett and adult clients of various ages inside Vibrant Fitness studio together for a photo op. Everyone is smiling happy

Chances are, you have never experienced good strength training.
Less than 20% of adults get two strength workouts per week.
Those who do enjoy a longer life, and a better life, according to the World Health Organization, and many, many studies.

Eric Cressy training proper shoulder positioning

You probably know that it is good for you, that you “oughta be doing it”
You have even thought about doing it this year.
Maybe even many times.

But it just hasn’t happened for you yet, and so it continues…
the feeling sub-par in your body,
the negative self-talk,
the small pains in your back or knee or shoulder…

Reasons You Are NOT Working Out Effectively
-life is busy, you are busy
-you don’t know how to do strength training, or how to start
-gyms make you uncomfortable
-it’s not as important, or urgent, as everything else (a favorite Quote)
-you think you don’t like it, or have negative associations, or even trauma(think gym class) around it

You’re not alone.
About 80% of adults are in the same boat with you.
Only a small portion are actually close to really ready to start though.
If you are one of those, think about these short-term and surprising benefits that you will probably experience within one-three weeks of beginning a good strength training program, even if you just start at two times per week.
Often these positive changes begin to be felt after just one or two or three workouts!

Three Surprising Gifts of STARTING Strength Training
-old pains go away
-you feel stronger in your body and have more energy for your life
-other parts of your life improve

Old Pains Go Away
Modern professional strength training is science-based, and amazingly effective.
If push ups and pull ups in high school gym class, or a free orientation on the weight machines at a health club 10 years ago is your only experience of strength training, you really have no idea what professional strength training is, and what it can do for you.
You are set up for a great surprise, and a powerful change in your life.
I have seen dozens of people find freedom from pains in their bodies in as little as one or two weeks(or sometimes one or two months, but still…) after learning and practicing a few simple exercises and stretches.
Training your body in a new and correct movement pattern, bringing new awareness, blood, chi flow, and vitality to a part of your body, can be profoundly effective.
This is extremely satisfying, for both client and trainer.
Personally, I suffered from recurrent lower back pain and spasm for over 10 years.
That pain is now a fading memory.
Fixing your own body is a wonderful experience that I want you to know.

Feeling Strong, Having Energy for Your Life!
When first started professional strength training, I was 46 years old.
I had been quite active and physically confident for my entire life(expert skier, whitewater river guide, mountain marathon runner, martial arts teacher…) After about three months of regular, professional strength training, I realized I was stronger and more fit than I had been since my early 20’s in college! In the years that have passed since then, I have found that I have slowed my aging process significantly.
I have strength and energy for my life, and you can too!

Other Parts of Your Life Improve
Strength Training is a Compounding (or Keystone) Habit
You would not think that hitting the gym twice a week would reduce your credit card debt, or improve your relationship with your kids or your spouse. But there are studies that show that it quite often does.
There are only a small number of these powerful habits documented. Strength training is probably the most effective, and best verified one among them.

Starting a new and positive habit like strength training can be hard.
On average, it takes eight attempts for someone to quit smoking.
Getting regular exercise into your life is similar.
It is important to start. Or to start again if you have already tried it, even twice or seven times.
A compassionate and qualified trainer can hugely boost your chances of changing.
A workout buddy, or a small group of fellow trainees does too, and it adds extra life-benefits to the process(social connection is highly correlated with happiness)

These strong advantages are available to you here on South Whidbey.
Vibrant Fitness at the Fairgrounds in Langley has the most trusted and experienced trainers on the island, and offers affordable small-group training that has been working wonders on people just like you for years.
Contact them at adamfawcett(at), or 360-420-1238


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