Client Profile: True Story of Rapid Transformation!

Client Profile: Deana Duncan

True Story of Rapid Transformation!

This is the resplendent Deana Duncan the day she began functional circuit training with Vibrant Fitness. . .

Deana is blessed with an enduring youthful energy and demeanor. Deana Before

Still, she is aware that she is “Pushing 50″

This had her thinking about being older. . . and an effective course to offset the effects of aging. (your Doctor will tell you that exercise is the fountain of youth, and that resistance training is key)
Deana told me, ” I did some little free weights in my 20’s but I’ve never been to a gym; this was so far out of my comfort zone it felt like I was another person.”

But she wants to stay active and mobile. . . be able to dance, lift, carry, be stronger, and live better

…for 30 – 50 more years!

She also wanted to lose a little weight and get rid of little belly fat.

Deana really gets what it means now, to optimize the four primary components of fitness: endurance, strength, balance and flexibility.

Here she is just four weeks later. . .Deana After

12 pounds lighter and
5 1/2 inches smaller around her waist!


Just like that.


She worked at it.
She showed up,
She trained hard .

And yet she will tell you now that:
” It really wasn’t that hard. The workouts are always fun and unique; never the same, and even when I’m exhausted or emotional, the act of just moving through the circuit makes me feel better!”
She had some really EFFECTIVE, and AFFORDABLE personal training.

As of this weigh-in and photo, she had a grand total of just 11 training hours.
(Plus 4 weeks on the Belly Blast diet plan, which is simple and effective, and is timed with the workouts to target belly fat.)

And just look at her.

” I obviously found the right program for me.  I knew I was ready to try something, and Adam was the most credible fitness trainer in the area inviting people who want to get in shape, to contact him.

Adam’s infectious enthusiasm for the work gave me the courage to go for it.”

And while I (Adam) am delighted, tickled, and over the moon happy about her weight loss and shape change, what really excites me (functional fitness geek that I am) is…

She moves better.

She has made corrections to some minor muscle imbalances.
So her postural alignment is better.

Her hips and core are significantly stronger and more stable.
She has also improved her balance, her neuromuscular efficiency, and her entire awareness of her body and how it moves.

I get to see this in her workouts; her push ups, lunges, squats, mountain climbers, and the cool combination exercises that I cook up for my clients every day—all of her movement patterns have improved radically over just 4 weeks!

She feels it too!
At work and at play. . .

” This has been life changing:
I’m eating differently, walking more, came off coffee and cola without even being aware of it, and feel better than I have in years.”

“I just moved both my boys back to college and I was able to really help lift boxes, carry bags and boxes up stairs in hot California weather and lift bunk beds with no problem. I am absolutely stronger and it’s helping me live better!”
(This is functional fitness!)

Her work at WICA often involves expression through her body.
Which she now moves with ever greater poise and precision.

That’s what I’m talking about!

Your Functional Fitness is my Business!

You getting up gracefully from the ground gets me going in the morning.

The Vibrant Fitness Blast Programs have made
high quality functional fitness training very affordable!

Can you afford not to?

Autumn Introductory Special may still be available.

Call or e-mail for a free fitness consult!

Adam Fawcett, CPT Vibrant Fitness


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