Why You Shouldn’t Take Your Fitness Needs Sitting Down

More than likely, as you read this post, you’re seated at a desk. And if you’re like many of us, you’re “sitting yourself to death.” Or at minimum, sitting yourself toward serious illness.

According to a recent Washington Post article, we’re sitting for work, on average, 10 hours per day. This is known to lead to higher risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer, depression, muscle and joint problems.

SittingImageIn fact, “sitting is the new smoking,” when it comes to addressing these ailments. Check out this cool infographic from the Washington Post for comprehensive descriptions about how sitting is hurting us.

For the fitness conscious amongst a nation of “sitters,” the common response is to hit the gym. The problem with the gym, and most workout routines involving machines, is that they are mostly unnatural movements. Yet, it’s through natural movement that we can contribute the most to our fitness.

Out of the understanding of the benefits of full body movement has evolved CrossFit Training, Functional Fitness Training and now “natural movement” training through an international program called MovNat. According to the MovNat website, MovNat is “the official coaching method, fitness program and certification system developed by Erwan Le Corre for Natural Movement. It is way of exercise, fitness, functional rehabilitation, and physical education.

The movement based focus of MovNat, especially when done outside, in nature (although it doesn’t have to be), makes exercising more fluid, more free, more enjoyable, and most importantly, applicable to the real world.

Learn more about MovNat through their FAQ.


Vibrant Fitness and MovNat
Adam Fawcett, founder of Vibrant Fitness, participated recently in MovNat’s trainer certification program, and will be integrating MovNat training into the Functional Fitness program at Vibrant Fitness.


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