Workplace Functional Fitness

Did you know that one OSHA reportable back injury could cost your company $40,000 to $80,000, or that a knee injury could cost $20,000?

The good news is that with just small amounts of specialized movement and strength training, these costs can be avoidedSprain and injury prevention starts by improving upon your employee’s muscle strength and movement patterns as a small part of their workday.

This approach is proven to:

  1. Create a healthier, happier workforce
  2. Reduce injuries
  3. Reduce sick days
  4. Improve relations between management and employees
  5. Provide employees with valuable life skills

A Workplace Functional Fitness program includes:

  1. Initial 30 minute training for a group of employees
  2. Training tailored to workplace specific body mechanics
  3. Identification and coaching of the team’s “training advocate”
  4. Weekly, one-to-one 10 minute sessions with individuals