Gift Certificates

Thank you so much for getting stronger and ever more awesome with Vibrant Fitness!”

The Vibrant gift certificate is great value at $200.

This is flexible fitness currency that gives a great start to anybody ready to to try high quality fitness training. 

It delivers a volume of training that will bring a “training effect“ change to anyone, at any fitness level.

The Fine Print: You pay $200 for this gift certificate, which can be redeemed for any of the following:

  • 3 x one on one private training sessions with a certified Vibrant Fitness Trainer (ordinarily $228.27 inc. tax).
  • Starter package (best value) – (ordinarily $250).  Includes 1 private training session and an eight-session punch card for small group Vibrant functional strength and movement training sessions.
  • Two partner (two clients one Vibrant trainer) training sessions (ordinarily $260)
Gift Certificates